10” Super Stout Ice Pak Body™

10” Super Stout Ice Pak BodiesTM are ideal for long distance shipping of freshly processed Poultry, Fish, Shellfish, Lobster, Beef, Pork and Produce with ice or without ice in dry freezers.

Structure Of The Box

The 10” Super Stout Ice Pak Body is built with the exclusive SCHC added fiber in the paper and heavier paperweight for applications that need higher stacking strength and larger load capacity. It has leak holes that allow the melting ice to drain away without harming the product being shipped. The best cover matches are the 3” Dura Ice Pak CoverTM and the 3” Ultra Dura Air Cover. They can be found on page 7.

SCHC Exclusive Wax Treatment: Superior 5 levels of wax certificationTM for outstanding stacking strength and endurance.

Inside Dimensions:

22 5/16 x 15 7/8 x 10


550 (double stacked)

Full Truckload:

Approximately 18,700 (bodies only)



Matched Sets:

13,200 sets of bodies and covers

Brand It Up

All SCHC boxes and lids can be custom-made with your company logo.

Custom print is available on volume orders.