40″ Dura Combo Bin Body™

The 40” Dura Combo Bin Body™ is a octagonal container with a self-locking bottom that holds up to 2,000 pounds of Poultry, Fish, Beef, Pork, Produce or almost any product shipped in bulks. Other size Combo Bins and Bin Covers are available upon request.

Structure Of The Box

It has six heavy-duty reinforcing bands on the outside and eight strands of reinforcing fiber to help preventing bulging and tabs/wings on bottom. It also
has a wax impregnated medium.

Inside Dimensions:

48 x 40 x 40


120 (double stacked)

Full Truckload:




Brand It Up

All SCHC boxes and lids can be custom-made with your company logo.

Custom print is available on volume orders.