Anheuser Busch Mix & Match Beer Carrier

Welcome to SCHC, where we provide our clients with a wide range of beverage packaging solutions, such as a mix & match beer carrier or products that will make it easier to transport wine bottles, bombers and growlers.

SCHC has an exclusive partnership with Anheuser Busch to create the Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Baskets, which are available to beer retailers all across the state of Texas. As the Anheuser Busch mix & match beer carrier wholesalers, we provide our clients with a product that is fun and innovative for a number of reasons

  • The Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Baskets allow retail customers to mix and match single bottles of beer within our eye-catching and informative beer carrier. Conveniently accommodating sales of single beer bottles is proven to boost sales volumes.
  • As Anheuser Busch mix & match beer carrier wholesale distributors, SCHC worked hard to create a basket that was both visually pleasing and informative. The side of the carrier provides information on the different types of beers, which can help customers choose the beers they might like.
  • With the explosion of the craft beer industry, there are so many different beers to choose from. More and more people are testing the waters and trying different beers in an effort to discover a new favorite. With this beer basket, retailers are able to welcome this trend and benefit from it.

SCHC is not just the Anheuser Busch mix & match beer carrier wholesale company. We provide packaging and logistic solutions for clients that belong to essentially every industry out there in the business world.

However, we specialize in beverage packaging, working with a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Retailers: Our mix & match beer carrier and other beer packaging products are great for stores that sell beer, wine and spirits.
  • Microbreweries: Brewers trust SCHC to design solutions that can accommodate unconventional bottle types, like bombers and growlers. These larger-volume containers encourage sharing while cutting down on packaging costs.
  • Wineries: Wine bottles are also often purchased in bulk, and we have ways that end customers can easily transport two or four bottles conveniently.

So, while we might be known to many as the Anheuser Busch mix & match beer carrier wholesalers, we really provide a wider range of solutions. That’s not even mentioning the extensive line of products we offer to businesses that deal with fish, meat and other perishable goods.

Explore the extensive packaging and logistic services offered here at SCHC. From a simple mix & match beer carrier to complete inventory management, SCHC has the talented staff and resources to cover the needs of your business.