Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Basket Manufacturer

Welcome to SCHC, the beer basket manufacturer that, along with the folks at Anheuser Busch, are offering retail establishments around the state of Texas an opportunity to stock a unique product for both casual beer drinkers and dedicated beer enthusiasts.

We are the Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Basket manufacturer. This is a product that we worked alongside the beer industry’s leading name to develop. With the Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Basket, your customers are able to use these stunning, branded beer carriers and fill them with six beers of their choice.

This product is a catalyst for boosting the volume of sales, all while better serving retail customers by allowing them to explore a variety of beers instead of investing in a six-pack of a single brand.


Trusted Brewmaster’s Beer Basket distributors

SCHC is known for quality in beer packaging. It is an honor to serve as the Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Basket manufacturer company, where we have developed an eye-catching, engaging beer carrier that captures the essence of the product.

As an experienced beer basket manufacturer, we are also equipped to put your company’s branding on the carrier. Your retail establishment can associate with Anheuser Busch to offer a customer-favorite product.


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SCHC serves as beer basket distributors for this product, but we also are an industry-leading business when it comes to a wide array of packaging and display options. We encourage you to browse our website to explore the wide range of products that we offer our retail clients.

Beer retail is a competitive market place, especially considering the fact that the choice of beers has never been more extensive. To stay on top, you need to offer your clients something new and interesting.

SCHC can help you do that in a variety of ways, beginning with our special Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Baskets. We are proud to be the official beer basket manufacturer in this partnership and hope you will try this product.