Cardboard Corrugated Boxes

Utilize cardboard corrugated boxes in your business by teaming up with SCHC. We are a cardboard corrugated box distributor that can provide you with the customized solutions that you need to package and ship your products.

Corrugated packaging has quickly become the industry standard for so many different types of businesses. That’s because this type of packaging is:

  • Lightweight: Cardboard corrugated boxes are convenient and easy to handle. Aside from that, they also provide adequate protection for your goods.
  • Adaptable: Especially with SCHC as your cardboard boxes wholesale distributor, you can match your needs with the appropriate corrugated packaging options. SCHC can completely customize your box to meet the needs of the goods you are shipping.
  • Recyclable: More and more businesses are placing an emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint with their day-to-day operations. With cardboard corrugated boxes, you are able to fulfill an important need with a completely recyclable, eco-friendly solution.

Our team works as the cardboard corrugated box distributor for a wide range of clients that belong to a broad spectrum of industries. They not only rely on these solutions for the benefits outlined above, but they also use them for their marketing power.

With SCHC, you can customize the design and branding of your corrugated packaging solution. This means you can brand the box with your logo or company message and make an impression on anyone that comes across the packaging. As a leading cardboard corrugated box distributor, we are able to help you develop solutions that are functional but also make an impact on the marketing front.


Consult with the SCHC team

If you have questions or concerns about your cardboard corrugated boxes, please don’t hesitate to talk to our staff. We can provide you with the information you need — including a free quote on your potential order. For bulk orders, we waive the set-up fee!