Custom Pick Six Pack Beer Carrier

For an affordable, quality six pack beer carrier, team up with the staff at SCHC. As industry-leading experts in a variety of beer packaging products and many more services, SCHC provides a long list of beer retailers with a pick six pack beer carrier that is a welcomed addition for their customers.

Beer retailers are consistently finding higher sales volumes by allowing customers to choose individual beers and piece them together in a custom six pack beer carrier. In fact, in a craft beer industry where there are literally thousands of beers to try, customers love the chance to try a variety instead of commit to just one.

As your custom beer carrier distributor, SCHC can allow you to offer this solution. Pick six deals are a hit for a variety of reasons.

  • Customers value variety: Simply put, customers love to fill a six pack beer carrier with beers they want to try. It’s so much more fun than buying six bottles of the same beer — especially for beer fans that are exploring available brews.
  • Great promotion: Keep your brand in the line of sight of your customers. With SCHC, you can customize your pick six pack beer carrier to have your company logo on it.
  • Enhance the customer experience: Have you ever visited a gas station where they let customers put together their own six pack, but they make them put the bottles in old, used beer carriers belonging to other brands? Our beer carrier distributor company allows you to to offer the pick six deal and look professional in the process.

Our team proudly serves as the leading custom six pack beer carrier distributor. Tell us how you want to customize your beer carriers, and we can provide you with a quote or show you what we can do for you.

Send your customers off with their beer packed in a stunning six pack beer carrier. Get a free quote from SCHC.