Custom Wax Corrugated Boxes

All types of companies have a demand for wax corrugated boxes. They are the industry standard when it comes to shipping perishable goods, mainly fish, poultry or other meat.

SCHC is a wax corrugated boxes manufacturer that works hard to meet the demands and needs of these producers. We provider fully customizable corrugated cardboard boxes that are treated with wax to fend off moisture, eliminate leaks and a variety of other benefits.

As your custom corrugated box manufacturer, all you need to do is simply tell us about your shipping needs. We will connect you with a product — or design one — that meets your needs. This includes different sizes, capacity needs and more.


Promote your company every time you ship

As a custom wax boxes manufacturer, we also allow our clients to take full advantage of their packaging options as a marketing opportunity. Our wax corrugated boxes are an excellent canvas for your company logo, message or branding.

The high quality cardboard and wax application make these vibrant colors pop, essentially making it a mobile billboard for your company and its products. We encourage you to work with the team at our wax corrugated boxes manufacturer to find a solution that, is not only effective functionally, but also reflects your brand.


Welcome to a leading custom corrugated boxes manufacturer company

Here at SCHC, we have a devoted staff that takes pride in all the products that leave our facility. We know the importance of packaging. We know that, with subpar or inferior packaging solutions, the quality of a company’s products could be in jeopardy.

SCHC wants our clients to preserve the quality of their products and be able to do so at an appropriate price point. That’s why we invite you to browse our extensive selection and customizable options for wax corrugated boxes and receive a free quote on your order.