Extended Care, Memory Care, and Elder Care Facilities /Assembling and Installation of Furnishings

Extended Care facilities, as well as Memory Care and Elder Care facilities, have a very specific need for certain furnishings and equipment. Precision installation is crucial. This is why these organizations have relied on SCHC for assembling fixtures and furniture, as well as installing the special furnishings into their facilities.

SCHC is a helpful resource, because we:

  • Receive all furnishings
  • Store them in our Warehouses
  • Inventory Management
  • Schedule the delivery and installation of the furnishings
  • Assemble and install the furnishings all over the country. We have specialized in these services for years working with different healthcare facilities.
  • Are also experienced with assembling office cubicles, assembling and installing office furniture, and installation of Model Home Furnishings furnishing.

Within these facilities, we can assemble the Residential Facilities, Sales Office, Management Offices, Club House, Specialty Areas and Activity Rooms

Talk to SCHC today. If you are in the Extended Care, Memory Care and Elder Care business, SCHC will partner with you to increase your company’s ease and efficiency on the next installation of your new community, and save you money. We offer a full range of Packaging and Logistic services.