Folding Carton Box Manufacturer

SCHC proudly serves as a folding box distributor company that equips a long list clients with packaging solutions that they need. These clients range from auto part manufacturers to solutions for the health and beauty industry.

That’s because folding carton packaging is widely accepted as an industry standard for so many types of businesses. And, with SCHC as your folding carton box manufacturer, you can trust that your packaging will be of the highest quality, delivered quickly and available at a respectable price point.

We are the trusted folding carton distributor for a wide range of businesses — and for good reasons.


What’s so special about folding carton packaging?

Ask a manufacturer why they choose to work with a folding carton box manufacturer company and implement this type of packaging solution. Their responses might vary. That’s because there are a wide range of benefits to using this material, including:

  • Adequate protection: Folding boxes offer enough rigidity to keep everything inside secure and in pristine condition.
  • Environmentally friendly: As a folding box distributor company, we can speak firsthand to the environmental benefits of using paperboard. Not only is a lot of paperboard created by recycled materials, but it can also be re-recycled.
  • Cost-efficient: As a folding carton box manufacturer, we want to help you meet the requirements of your financial bottom line. Folding cartons are a cost-efficient solution.
  • Versatile: Paperboard containers can be engineered to meet the specific needs of your product. That’s why it’s a good fit for such a wide spectrum of products. SCHC works closely with our clients to fit them with the solutions they need, including special branding for their packaging to help market their business and products.

SCHC invites you to consult with our team about your needs and how our folding box distributor company can meet them. Contact us now for a free quote.