Folding Carton Packaging Vendor

As a leading folding carton distributor, the team at SCHC is ready to work closely with you to help you find the packaging solutions that fit your exact needs.

The beauty of working with folding cartons is that they are versatile. That’s why you will find manufacturers from countless industries using this popular packaging solution to get their products on retail shelves.

Get custom solutions with our folding carton packaging company

With paperboard, and SCHC as your carton packaging vendor, you are able to customize:

  • Style: There are a wide range of typical folding carton styles (reverse tuck end, locking tray with lid, etc.) and non-traditional styles. With SCHC as your carton packaging distributor company, you can explore and find the style that works best for your products.
  • Board strength: You can customize the strength of the paperboard you use if you need the added protection and structural integrity. You can also choose different types of paper board, for instance, if you needed something more water resistant.
  • Features: From plastic windows to hanging tabs, you are able to add on special features to your packaging to make them more effective in a retail environment.

Another key component to the customization process is the design and graphics of your packaging. As your folding carton distributor, SCHC can make sure that your project is executed perfectly, creating stunning packaging that features your company’s logo, brand or message.

Paperboard is an excellent canvas for bright, vibrant designs. The colors seemingly jump off the packaging and can be really eye catching in a retail environment. Our folding carton packaging company will help you make sure that your packaging accurately represents your company and the products inside.

Put your trust in SCHC as your folding packaging distributor

SCHC has long been providing all types of manufacturers and retailers with the packaging their products need. Consider our team for your folding carton distributor.

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Very good people fast loading and helpful staff FORKLIFT guy super nice all staff very good. I WISH I CAN COME AGAIN
04:30 26 Oct 18
I have now toured SCHCI several times and am extremely impressed with their Houston warehousing and fulfillment operations. If you did not know better, you would think you were in a clean room environment. For a warehouse that handles everything from corrugated goods to extremely heavy slabs, everything is meticulously clean and organized. This has to been one of the best warehouse and inventory handling companies I have toured and had the pleasure of working with. If you need a first class operation at a very fair price, SCHCI and their team of professionals is second to none.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter
00:54 16 Jan 18
Awesome company. They always provide fast service. Great customer support.
capt dale
capt dale
15:42 07 Feb 18
Have been working with SCHC for years now and they have always been great! The packaging is always spot on and we always get super fast deliveries. Thanks Suzy and the SCHC crew for doing an amazing job!
nate honrath
nate honrath
20:25 05 May 17
boys who load trucks just need to know how to load and when you tell them how to load the load they just have to load it as they say
Cris Nicco
Cris Nicco
03:05 29 Jul 18
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