Fresh Seafood Wax Shipping Box

SCHC provides the perfect solution for clients that need a fresh seafood wax shipping box. In fact, we work with a variety of seafood manufacturers across the country, helping to offer shipping solutions that are both affordable and fully preserve the quality of the products they are shipping.

As a leading wax shipping box manufacturer, SCHC and our team are experts in wax packaging. There are three types of Wax Treatments currently available and we have built exclusive combinations called Duo Wax Treatment, Rambo Lock Wax Barrier, and Superior 5 Levels of Wax Certification to help provide our clients with a package that will fend off water and moisture while maintaining an even stronger physical structure than an untreated corrugated cardboard box.


SCHC Exclusive Wax Treatments

  • Duo Wax Treatment™: Wax curtain coated on the inside and outside.
  • Rambo Lock Wax Barrier™: Three Levels of Wax Certification. Heavy wax curtain coating on both sides and full wax impregnated medium/flute.
  • Superior 5 Levels of Wax Certification: Heavy wax curtain coating on both sides, full wax impregnated medium/flute, wax impregnated inside liner, and wax impregnated outside liner.

A fresh seafood wax shipping box is essential in shipping fresh fish and other meat. In fact, this packaging solution is an industry standard within any business that deals with perishable goods. As your wax shipping box manufacturer, you get a packaging solution that is approved by the FDA and engineered by experts in the packaging industry.


Make SCHC your seafood wax box manufacturer

We serve as a trusted seafood wax shipping box manufacturer for a variety of businesses, providing them with both the functional aspects of the boxes in addition to custom designing them to feature the branding of our clients. This makes each box a marketing opportunity, as well.

SCHC wants to show you the importance of using a fresh seafood wax shipping box along with providing you with a free quote on your potential order. Talk to our staff right now and get both!