Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes

If your operation requires heavy duty corrugated boxes to ship your products, then we encourage you to consider SCHC for your packaging needs. As an industry-leading heavy duty corrugated box provider, we have the solutions to help meet even your most specific needs.

We work closely with our clients — which belong to a wide range of industries — in order to craft corrugated packaging solutions that fit their needs. This means customizing the size, design, paper strength and more.


A trusted heavy duty corrugated boxes distributor

As a seasoned heavy duty boxes wholesale distributor, one of the concerns we hear from clients a lot is that traditional cardboard corrugated boxes aren’t durable enough. They fear that, throughout their operation, the boxes might be at risk of becoming deformed or damaged.

SCHC is able to remedy that concern with heavy duty corrugated boxes. With the right paper weight, we are able to meet the durability demands of your storage and shipment needs. You can trust that, no matter the distance your boxes will be traveling, or for how long, your packaging solution will stand up to any punishment that comes its way.


You can brand your boxes with SCHC as your heavy duty corrugated box provider

Your packaging options need to be functional — that’s essentially a no-brainer. However, you can also use them as a major marketing tool by branding them with your own special design or features.

As a business, it’s always beneficial to keep your logo and message in the line of vision of the general public. With SCHC as your heavy duty boxes wholesale provider, you can do that with your packaging solutions.

Get a free quote on your heavy duty corrugated boxes by contacting the team at SCHC and speaking with a member of our client services staff. They can walk you through our wide range of corrugated packaging options!