Leak Proof Corrugated Boxes

Protect your shipments when they go out all around the country or world by utilizing leak proof corrugated boxes. SCHC is a leading provider of leak proof boxes for air freight and ground transportation. Our full range of customizable solutions and expertise on staff will help protect your products in transit.


Welcome to a leading leak proof corrugated boxes manufacturer company

SCHC specializes in a wide range of packaging solutions. This expertise expands into our diverse range of wax packaging solutions. We take our corrugated cardboard packaging options and treat them with one of several different waxing methods.

The end result is a product that provides the following benefits:

  • Effective: This is what clients are looking for in our leak proof boxes for air freight manufacturer company. They want a product that fends off moisture, stands strong to the punishment that comes with travel and is also leak proof. We provide all these attributes with our fully customizable leak proof corrugated boxes.
  • Cost-efficient: As a business, it’s always a constant struggle to minimize costs but also maintain quality. Our leak proof boxes for air freight allows you to do both. Corrugated cardboard is incredibly cost efficient and recyclable. We offer great savings on bulk orders, as well.
  • Customizable: Our boxes for air freight manufacturer company knows that the demands of our clients can vary greatly. That’s why we have the capability of customizing each of our boxes and packaging options to meet the needs of these clients.

Our corrugated boxes manufacturer company also wants to help you take advantage of a key marketing opportunity by working with you to adorn all boxes with your branding, helping to increase recognition amongst the general public.

We can provide you with a free quote on your leak proof corrugated boxes. Contact SCHC and tell us about your needs.