Office Cubicle Installation Service

SCHC is a trusted name in the packaging, logistics and integrated services industry, and businesses can also leverage our expertise within their workspaces by utilizing our office cubicle installation.

More and more companies are searching for ways to best utilize their offices and workspaces. They generally strive for an arrangement that promotes collaboration and streamlined communication via a relatively open floor plan. Cubicles are a nice, cost-efficient way to create such an environment.


Skilled, precision cubicle installation services

SCHC staffs experienced professionals to handle the installation process. These are men and women that have close relationships with the manufacturers and know the preferred methods for installation so that clients can get full functionality out of their cubicles.

As one of the most trusted cubicle installation companies, a wide range of businesses rely on our expertise to deliver and install their cubicles, thus, streamlining the process for optimal value.


Contact our team about your office cubicle installation needs

Here at SCHC, we are dedicated to delivering on the needs of our clients. Whether that comes in the form of offering a wide range of dry and wet packaging solutions to important logistical services that allow for cost-friendly warehousing, shipping and more.

Our cubicle installation services are just another in a suite of services that help to benefit our clients. If you are looking to have cubicles installed in your workplace, contact our team of professionals. We will make sure to outfit your office with the needed furniture quickly and efficiently so that your team can move in and begin ramping up productivity.

Get started with our office cubicle installation. We have client service representatives standing by to learn more about your needs. Please, call us at 713.559.0570, or e-mail us at