10” Super Brawn Ice Pak Body™

The 10” Super Brawn Ice Pak Body has the exclusive and patented Perma-Lock Technology System. It uses less board, and it has less impact on the environment. It is ideal for Seafood, Produce, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Plants, Soil Samples, etc. For additional Stacking Strength, use 10” Brawn Ice Pak Extended Cover™. Otherwise, use the 3” Dura Ice Pak Cover™.

STRUCTURE OF THE BOX: The 10” Super Brawn Ice Pak Body™ contains 69# liners, the strongest paper grade available. Its angled corners provide 40% more stacking strength. Our Patterned Perma-Lock Technology System is the safest locking system available in the market with a double-lock mechanism.

SCHC EXCLUSIVE WAX TREATMENT: Superior 5 levels of wax certification™ for extreme strength and moisture resistance.