Regular Moving Box Providers

Since 1988, SCHC has been the trusted Houston regular moving box providers for a wide range of businesses. These clients have been everyone from small businesses that are just starting to ship their products around the state to Fortune 500 corporations that maintain a worldwide shipping infrastructure.

As longtime regular moving box providers in Houston Texas, we bring this cost efficient solution to the clients we service. Regular slotted carton boxes are one of the most economical and traditional forms of packaging.

These boxes consist of four flaps on both the top and bottom. These flaps come together in the middle and are taped in order to seal them. 

Why trust SCHC as your Houston regular moving boxes provider?

If you are interested in this — or many other — packaging solutions, we encourage you to consider SCHC as your choice regular moving boxes provider in Houston Texas. This packaging solution is able to accommodate a variety of products, and its relatively primitive design makes it an economical option.

As one of the leading Houston regular moving box providers, SCHC offers:

  • Experience: Packaging and Third-Party Logistics is what we do. We opened for business back in 1988 and have since been working with businesses to make sure that their products get from point A to point B effectively.
  • Infrastructure: SCHC can deliver your regular moving boxes all around the US, in Canada and Mexico. We can also provide you with regular moving boxes, and Custom Packaging to your imported goods in the US.
  • Helpful customer service: We not only offer superior products and solutions, but we want you to have a great experience in the process. Lean on our customer service team and get the undivided attention that you need.

Learn more about what we have to offer as your Houston regular moving box providers by consulting with our team.