Regular Shipping Box Vendor

Businesses that want the peace of mind that their products are being shipped safely around the state, region, country and even the world, select SCHC as their Houston regular shipping box vendor.

RSC, or Regular Slotted Cartons, boxes are one of the most basic forms of packaging available — and they are highly effective, too. As one of the only regular shipping box vendors in Houston Texas, we provide our clients with boxes that are:

  • Strong: Priority number one in the shipping process is protecting your products and ensuring their integrity as they ship all over the world. We are a Houston regular shipping box vendor that provides sturdy solutions to protect your products.
  • Customizable: As your regular shipping boxes vendor in Houston Texas, we can customize the many types of RSC boxes we offer with wax coating, graphics and more. In addition to our RSC solutions, we also provide custom corrugated cardboard packaging to meet even your most specific need.
  • Cost-efficient: As your Houston regular shipping box vendor, we allow our clients to take advantage of the economical nature of these types of boxes. RSC boxes require minimal materials and the process to create them is streamlined so that the end cost is affordable.

Since 1988, SCHC has been serving as one of the leading regular slotted carton box vendors in Houston Texas. We work with a wide spectrum of businesses, providing them with, not just RSC boxes, but an extensive range of other packaging and logistics solutions.

If your business ships products and you need assistance and advisement with the process, then we encourage you to sit down with our knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated staff.

We will show you why we are the trusted Houston shipping box vendors for a long list of clients. Our customer service staff is standing by to hear from you.