Regular Slotted Container Box Vendors

Here at SCHC, we are one of the choice Houston regular slotted container box vendors for a wide variety of businesses. These are companies that range from small businesses that are shipping their products inside state lines to Fortune 500 corporations that need packaging and logistics solutions to carry them all over the world.

Harness the many benefits of RSC boxes

As one of the leading regular slotted container box vendors in Houston Texas, we provide our clients with this economical and highly effective solution.

Regular slotted containers are one of the most common types of boxes you will find. This classic box features four flaps on both the top and bottom of the package. The flaps are taped together where they meet in the center to seal it tightly.

SCHC is a trusted regular slotted container boxes vendor in Houston Texas that provides our clients with strong, resilient RSC options. Our clients can benefit from this solution in a number of ways.

  • Regular slotted cartons come in a variety of sizes to meet the various shipping needs of our clients. However, SCHC isn’t just one of the few Houston regular slotted container box vendors — we also create custom corrugated packaging to meet more specific needs.
  • As your choice of regular slotted container box vendors in Houston Texas, SCHC creates strong, durable boxes that we can enhance with wax coating or impregnation. This is ideal for our clients that are looking to ship a variety of fresh meat products.
  • As your Houston regular slotted container boxes vendor, SCHC customizes packaging for each client. This means that our solutions are effective in shipping products but also advertising the company name and messaging of our clients through bright, vibrant graphics.

As easily one of the best and most effective Houston regular slotted container box vendors, the team at SCHC can talk to you more about this packaging solution. Consult with our team right now for more information.