Third Party Logistics Supply Chain

Welcome to SCHC, the leading third party logistics service company since 2005. We offer, not just important solutions to streamline your supply-chain process, but also the knowledge that comes with decades in the industry. We invite you to leverage this knowledge and experience to the benefit of your company.

Our third party supply chain management company offers a wide range of services to help manage your inventory. This includes:

  • Warehousing: A key component to third party logistic supply chain management, SCHC offers 23 acres or indoor and outdoor storage. We also offer dry storage in food grade warehouses. This facility is under 24/7 surveillance.
  • Distribution services: Our third party logistic management company offers a full range of distribution services, including shipment tracking, pick-up requests, document requests and a lot more. Customize your services to meet your needs.
  • Fulfillment and repackaging: Our third party logistics service company boasts specialized packaging, order fulfillments of all sizes and a lot more. We coordinate closely with our clients’ management teams.
  • Inventory management: Our third party supply chain management company makes it simple and easy to manage inventory online. We offer a Cloud-based system that is both intuitive and lets you literally get things done with the click of a mouse.

It’s tough to put a value on the right third party supply chain management service — the right type of partnership is essentially invaluable. When you have knowledge and experience in your corner so you know that your supply chain is moving along efficiently and saving you dollars, that’s when real business can get done.

At SCHC, we invite you to consult with our dedicated team. We would love to hear about the unique supply chain needs of your company and industry and let you know how our third party logistics service company can be of benefit to you. Contact our team right now to learn more.