Warehouse Distribution Logistics Service


Invest in a warehouse logistics service company that will keep your products secure and bolster your operations by teaming up with SCHC. We have faithfully served as an industry-leading warehouse distribution logistics solution company in the greater Houston area since 2005.

Our staff features some of the most experienced and knowledgeable men and women in the industry, helping provide our clients with the advisement and insight that they often ask for. Warehousing is a key component to logistical operations, and our distribution logistic solution company offers great service in this area.

The following is a little bit of information on what our warehouse logistics solution company can provide you with:

  • Always have access to your inventory with a Cloud-based warehouse management system. This program is a huge benefit to both sides. It’s a great tool for precise and accurate record keeping while it also empowers our clients by giving them full access to their inventory.
  • Our warehouse logistics service company offers 23 acres of indoor and outdoor storage. This facility is under 24/7 surveillance by a state-of-the-art security system.
  • Our warehouse distribution logistics solution company also offers food grade warehouse facilities. These are licensed by the State of Texas and registered with the FDA.
  • All of these solutions are completely turnkey. By relying on this logistics service, there is no need to invest in a warehouse or infrastructure of your own.

This is just one logistics solution that we offer in an entire menu of services. If you are a manufacturer and need quality logistics for your products, then we invite you to start your search for quality 3PL services with SCHC. Our distribution logistics service company covers all your needs — and does so with efficiency and effectiveness.

Talk to the men and women behind our warehouse logistics service company for a free consultation.