Wax Curtain Coated Custom Corrugated Box

Many food manufacturers utilize a wax curtain coated box when they package and ship their products. This is an important solution when you are looking to preserve the quality of the goods you worked so hard to produce.

SCHC is a wax coated corrugated box manufacturer that fulfills these needs for a broad range of clients. We offer high quality wax coated corrugated box solutions at a cost-efficient price point. These are packaging solutions that stand up to the punishment that comes with transport and even spreads the name of your business with full customizable design on the packaging.


Why wax packaging?

As a leading wax curtain corrugated box manufacturer, we realize that when it comes to shipping items that are sensitive to the elements — primarily various types of meat and other food — that a wax curtain coated box is the best solution.

  • Moisture resistant: SCHC is a wax custom corrugated box manufacturer that produces packaging solutions for a long list of meat processors and other food suppliers. Wax packaging is ideal for any items that can be compromised or spoiled by water or moisture. Our waxing techniques hold out moisture completely.
  • Stronger boxes: Also as a wax coated corrugated box manufacturer, we know how wax options are stronger than untreated corrugated cardboard. The wax provides fortification for the structural integrity, leaving you with a strong box.

On top of these attractive functional benefits, SCHC also serves as a custom corrugated box manufacturer, meaning we work with clients to brand their packaging solutions so they not only get the job done, but also attract attention and gain exposure for the company brand in the process.

Call SCHC and we will take your wax curtain coated box order. Before that, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have and provide you with a free quote on your order.