Wax Shipping Boxes For Seafood and Poultry

SCHC is one of the leading providers of wax shipping boxes, proudly serving businesses in the poultry and seafood industries. With these wax packaging solutions, businesses are able to retain the quality of their products no matter where and when they ship.

Our staff creates shipping boxes for seafood and poultry manufacturers that combat:

  • Water and moisture: These wax solutions are perfect for seafood environments where the products are being packaged at a wet facility. It also combats any elements that the packages run into during transit.
  • Structural damage: We create wax shipping boxes for poultry manufacturers that are strong and fortified. They can be stacked without fear of deforming or being crushed.
  • Leaks: These shipping boxes for seafood companies are great for ice-packed shipments, and will not leak.

These wax shipping boxes for seafood are approved by the FDA, which recognizes their effectiveness in keeping seafood, poultry and other meat completely preserved no matter how long the journey might be.


Customize your wax shipping boxes

Aside from specializing in waxing, SCHC has an expertise in corrugated cardboard shipping solutions. This means that we create shipping boxes for seafood and poultry suppliers that meet their specific needs. We can alter the size, capacity and design to fit your needs.

Our boxes for poultry manufacturer company can also customize the graphic design of the packaging to reflect your brand. Our wax boxes for seafood manufacturer company can include your company logo, branding, message and more so that each shipment is an opportunity to increase brand recognition amongst the general public.


Consult with the team at SCHC

Whether you are in the seafood or poultry business, or you simply need a solid packaging solution — you will find what you are looking for at SCHC. Contact our staff for all of your cardboard and wax shipping boxes needs.