Wax Shipping Boxes For Seafood

SCHC has the options you are looking for in terms of wax shipping boxes for seafood. In fact, we have established ourselves as a leading shipping boxes for seafood manufacturer thanks to our superior products and knowledgeable expertise.

Our wax shipping boxes manufacturer company teams with seafood providers all over the United States. Wax packaging solutions are approved by the FDA and are proven to be ideal for shipping fresh seafood, in addition to other meat and perishable goods.

Thanks to the quality wax application by our shipping boxes for seafood processors manufacturer company, you are able to preserve the quality of your products even in wet environments and over the course of long shipping trips. Wax packaging solutions are routinely used to ship some of the following products:

  • Shellfish
  • Fish
  • Clams
  • Lobster
  • Oysters
  • And more

As a seafood provider, you likely take pride in the quality of your fish. That quality will only translate to your customers when it is adequately protected. Our wax shipping boxes for seafood does that for you.


Market your company through its packaging

All savvy business owners know that you should never squander the opportunity to increase brand recognition. That’s why, as your shipping boxes for seafood manufacturer, SCHC will help you customize your packaging so that it features your business logo, message or other forms of branding.

We use quality corrugated cardboard for our boxes and the wax layer only enhances the graphics that are emblazed on it. This means that your business is building brand recognition with each shipment that you send out.


Consider SCHC as your wax boxes for seafood manufacture company

Put our solutions to work for your business. Protect the quality of the goods you’re shipping and take advantage of this great marketing opportunity. Contact SCHC for your wax shipping boxes for seafood.