Wholesale Curtain Coated Wax Box

Using a curtain coated wax box is advantageous for companies of many industries. Here at SCHC, we service those companies, providing them with high-quality wax packaging solutions to ensure the preservation of their products.

As a coated custom wax box distributor, we work with a long list of businesses located throughout the United States. These companies specialize in a wide range of products, including:

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Meat processing
  • And more

In these industries, working with a reliable wholesale curtain wax box distributor company is important because this packaging solution is basically an essential. With a coated wax box, these companies are able to adequately protect and preserve their products from moisture, leaks and other forms of damage.


Trust an expert wholesale wax box distributor

Buying from SCHC ensures that you get a superior curtain coated wax box. That’s because SCHC has positioned itself as one of the industry-leading names in wax packaging. We implement the most cutting-edged processes and equipment to ensure that your packaging solutions are solid, high in quality and will, of course, do its job.

We offer wax impregnation and cascading on all of our corrugated packaging options, which are fully customizable to fit the even the most specific needs of the clients that we serve.


Make SCHC your coated custom wax box distributor

On top of the high level of functionality of these packaging solutions, SCHC works closely with clients as a leading curtain coated wax box company to brand their products and take advantage of the opportunity to market their company.

Our fully customizable wax box options can be adorned with your logo, message or branding to help build brand awareness by staying in the line of vision for the general public.

Talk to SCHC about your curtain coated wax box needs. We can show you more information and provide you with a free quote on your order.