Wholesale Poultry Boxes Manufacturer

Welcome to the leading poultry boxes manufacturer — we are SCHC and our team works with a variety of poultry providers all across the country. We equip these businesses with the most effective packaging options available.

We are an effective poultry boxes distributor because we started by specializing in custom corrugated cardboard packaging. We are able to customize boxes to meet the specific needs of the clients that we serve. They don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter options that will waste their space, money and potential safety of their product.

In addition to this specialization, our poultry box manufacturer company has become experts in the waxing process, providing a number of different methods of applying wax to these corrugated options. With our wax packaging solutions, our wholesale boxes distributor company is able to provide clients with an option that is:

  • Hygienic: Moisture is the primary hazard facing perishable goods in the shipping process. Our wax packaging solutions hold out water and moisture to shield the contents.
  • Strong: As your poultry boxes manufacturer, we can vouch for the fact that the wax fortifies the structural integrity of the cardboard to make it stronger and more sturdy than untreated corrugated cardboard.
  • Safe: SCHC’s wax packaging solutions are approved by the FDA, meaning they are completely safe for poultry and other meat or perishable goods.

These options are also affordable, too. We can offer a free quote and, for bulk orders, we waive the set-up fee.


Lean on SCHC as your choice poultry boxes distributor

Make sure that the products you work so hard to perfect maintain that high level of quality. We vow to help you make that happen as your wholesale poultry boxes manufacturer.

Browse SCHC’s extensive selection of products and let a team member know if you would like a quote on your potential order. Thank you for making us your poultry boxes manufacturer.