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Welcome to SCHC, where we want to introduce you to the best stone slab storage rack currently on the market. Branded as the Mighty Slab Rack™, this heavy gauge steel rack clocks in at 10 feet long and features four poles that are each five feet tall.

As the best stone slab handling equipment, the Mighty Slab Rack™ makes it easy to store and retrieve slabs. That’s because the Mighty Slab Rack™ stores slabs vertically, where they are kept out of the way of potential damage and are easy and safe to retrieve by personnel with the appropriate equipment. 


At SCHC, we are confident that this is the best storage rack for stone slabs because we have put it to the test in our daily operations. As a regional leader in logistics, packaging, material handling and integrated solutions, we work with a variety of clients that import, export or implement stone slabs in their everyday operation.

The Mighty Slab Rack™ makes for convenient, safe storage of stone slabs, while keeping them in great condition. The best handling equipment for stone slabs is one that protects your investments — the stone material, your workers and your deadline. The Mighty Slab Rack™ does all, thus, padding your operation’s financial bottom line.


Our team is proud to have developed the best stone slab storage rack and are eager to share this product with operations that handle stone slabs daily. We invite you to consult with our team and request additional information on the Mighty Slab Rack™, known by many to be the very best stone slab handling equipment currently on the market. SCHC can provide you with more extended specifications on this great product and help you find a way to implement it into your operation.

Just give us a call at 713.559.0570, or e-mail us at [email protected]. Besides the Mighty Slab Rack™ for storing your stone slabs, we also provide the Mighty A-Frame™ for shipping stone slabs. Learn more, click here.


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We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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