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SCHC has provided the best third-party logistics solutions in the greater Houston metropolitan area of Texas since 2005. We offer WarehousingDistributionFulfillment Re-Packaging, and Inventory Management with the know-how to revitalize your supply chain and boost your bottom line.

SCHC is a newer name, but our Logistics Division, previously named Schulze Container, has provided the best 3rd Party Solutions in the greater Houston metropolitan area of Texas, since 2005.

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SCHC has provided the best third party logistics solutions in the greater Houston metropolitan area of Texas, since 2005. We offer Warehousing, Distribution, Fulfillment Re-Packaging and Inventory Management with the know-how to revitalize your supply-chain and boost your bottom line.

Houston Logistics and Warehousing

Our warehouses are located in a prime area between the Port of Houston and the greater Houston area, which is easily accessible by truck traffic from major highways and a key hub for distribution throughout the Gulf Coast, U. S., Mexico, Central America and South America. We provide dry storage in large insulated warehouses equipped with 24/7 monitored security surveillance. Our facilities are fully licensed by the State of Texas and registered with the Food and Drugs Administration Association. SCHC offers 23 + acres for indoor and outdoor storage. SCHC is a member of the International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA) and of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating since we joined in 1999.

Material Handling Equipment

Knowing when to outsource your 3PL so you can focus on your business will be the most critical decision you make. To know more about each one of our Logistics services, click on the boxes above. To know more about our exclusive Material Handling Equipment.

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SCHC is a newer name, but our Logistics Division, previously named Schulze Container, has provided the best 3rd Party Solutions in the greater Houston metropolitan area of Texas, since 2005.

SCHC is proud of its Packaging Division, since 1988 providing broad Packaging solutions in Custom Corrugated Boxes, Waxed Boxes, Packaging Design, Folding Cartons and much more. Check out our Packaging page!

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SCHC has a long experience in the Packaging business initiated in 1988, under the name Houston Carton. We provide small, medium and Fortune 500 businesses with our national manufacturing network that allows us to serve you anywhere in the world your business goes.

SCHC is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating since 1999. SCHC is also a member of the Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce (CFBCA) and other Chambers of Commerce and Development Councils. Besides Packaging, SCHC is ready to offer you the best in third party Logistics. To know more about SCHC Logistics solutions, click on Logistics at the top of the page.

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How can SCHC help you sleep at night?

We make sure that the issues that flow downhill to supply chain are resolved so orders get out the door on-time and right every time.

How does SCHC maximize capital?

Outsourcing to SCHC allows you to free up capital and assets to focus on your core competencies. In today’s global, technology-driven business climate, maximizing the return on your investment is critical. By eliminating the “brick and mortar” investment of operating your own distribution facility and the associated costs with staffing and overseeing the facility, you can divert capital and other resources to areas that directly contribute to your revenue stream.

WHEN do you need a 3PL?

The logistics industry may have a lengthy history, but the third party logistics (3PL) sector is less than 40 years old. The 3PL industry has evolved over the years to meet the change of customer’s preferences and increased involvement in the logistical process . But the trend of outsourcing logistics services to third parties gained momentum in the 1980s. This shift can be attributed to the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, which deregulated the trucking industry and allowed warehousing companies to easily move into freight management.
In the 1990s emerging global markets led to the popularity of global logistics as companies expanded their product reach. With new worldwide trade zones presenting new challenges for companies that were used to the domestic market, 3PLs closed the gap for logistical services in the marketplace. Supply chains have only increased in complexity, creating more demand for efficient transportation management. Both domestically and internationally, 3PL providers offer integrated logistics services to help shippers address those complexities, and continue innovating today, and into the future as technology like warehouse management systems (WMS) have taken the world of logistics and supply chain to new levels.

If you are ready to take your business to new levels, here are some indicators of when you should consider working with a 3PL:

  1. You’ve run out of storage space for your inventory.
  2. You want to offer your customers expedited shipping.
  3. You want to save money on storage and shipping.
  4. You find yourself wanting room to grow with your company
  5. You’re spending more time shipping your products/delivering your services than the time it takes to produce it
How does SCHC Accelerate Product Movement?

It is a frequent misconception that outsourcing will result in a loss of control. In fact, SCHC’s management control along with your management’s attention should actually improve control of your supply chain. Added process control coupled with other efficiencies introduced by SCHC will result in a greater velocity of goods through the distribution point. Accelerated product movement and lower inventories will translate to lower distribution costs and less capital tied up in inventory.

How does a SCHC Open Up New Markets?

Outsourcing with SCHC can enable you to position your product closer to your target markets, provide better service to your customers, and lower your overall costs. These improvements can help open new markets and enhance your competitive standing within your industry.