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Trusting the right logistics management solution company can be the difference in growing your business exponentially and forever being bogged down by the inability to fulfill and ship orders in a timely fashion.

The staff at SCHC wants to serve as your logistics service solution company and put the decades of combined industry experience that we have on our team to work for you. Since 2005, SCHC has served as a leading logistics management service company in the Houston area and beyond.

We work with a wide variety of manufacturers, making sure that they have access to the important services that they need bolster their supply-chain. These services include:

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Fulfillment
  • Repackaging
  • Inventory management
  • And more

At our logistics service solution company, we have warehouses that are located between the Port of Houston and the greater Houston area. This location alone lends for effective logistic capabilities considering the easy access to the Gulf Coast, Mexico and Central and South Americas.


Many business owners utilize our logistics management solution company because we make it easy for them to manage their inventory. With our Cloud-based system, you can make decisions with your inventory with literally the click of a mouse.

This leads to increased accuracy, ability to provide better service for clients and, of course, the peace of mind knowing that you can always access your inventory — you don’t have to wait on our logistics service solution company to give you access.


With SCHC as your logistics solution company, you’re not just getting warehouse space or a staff that fulfills orders and ships them. You’re getting industry knowledge that was accumulated over decades in the industry. This is an invaluable benefit to your operation.

Consult with SCHC and tell us about your needs. A member of our logistics management solution company is standing by to assist you.


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I have been a customer of SCHC for many years. Whether I am purchasing a few truckloads of corrugated boxes or just a couple cases of liners, the customer service is always top notch. The quality of their products are hands down the best in the business, no other company can compare to them. Thank you SCHC for always being amazing!
Jessica Blythe
Jessica Blythe
Today is my one year anniversary working here at SCHC and I am happy to say that this has been one of the greatest experience so far in my career. Both the people and the environment here are great, and although we do face challenges each day we are great in working as a team and providing the best experience to our customers. I look forward to working here for many more years.
Gustavo Reynoso
Gustavo Reynoso
Super fast load
VD Miami
VD Miami
The only problem I have is I showed up early for a pick up and you can't park on the property so I sat there and blocked the gate didn't feel comfortable doing it,big place guy on forklift came and opened the gate but told me that I could not park on the property,so I had to block worker's trying to get to work because there entry gate is only a 1 Lane rd
Bubba Stephens
Bubba Stephens
I can't share very much on this company due to the fact that I only drop off and pick up someone whose employed there. The person who works there as a forklift driver seems to like the company. So I guess I will say 👍 👆.
Sandra Guyton
Sandra Guyton
Schc is a great place to deliver. The staff is always friendly and on point, (which probably is because of good management ),they unload you quick,and there facility has plenty of room to back in and out.
Roberto Molina
Roberto Molina


We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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