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Heller Cozac founded Houston Carton in 1987 after a decade of working at a small, corrugated box manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas. In 1988 he made the decision to open his own business. All he had at that time was his knowledge about Corrugated Packaging, and a spare room in his house.

Heller turned that spare room into a home office and began cultivating relationships with businesses all over the United States. After that first year, the business had grown large enough that he needed to move it out of the house. A small office was rented in Houston, and a few years later it moved to a bigger office in Sugar Land, Texas. The team had some additions as well as the product line: Houston Carton moved into folding cartons, point of sale displays, and other promotional tools as well.


In order to have better rates, the clients started ordering bigger quantities of boxes. As a consequence they now needed storage. Opportunity arose, so Houston Carton spawned a sister company: Schulze Container. Schulze Container was built on 23 acres of property in Rosenberg, Texas.

In 2005, both companies’ offices moved to the same property. Initially, the warehouse was only used to store Houston Carton customers’ inventory. That all changed when Heller received a phone call. Eighty containers of Styrofoam had arrived at the port of Houston without anywhere to go. Schulze Container had the warehouse space that those containers needed to be offloaded, so he accepted the business immediately. The company had officially entered the Logistics game.
The learning curve was steep. With each new client and product came specialized handling and storage requirements. Schulze Container now does complete turnkey installation of furniture in model homes, assisted living facilities, and private residences. They receive, store, and distribute high value oil field equipment, industrial transmissions, auto parts, quartz, granite, and marble slabs. Schulze Container even develops and manufactures material handling equipment. Companies around the world now use that equipment.


With more the 30 years of experience walking parallel paths and sharing a considerable amount of customers, Houston Carton and Schulze Container grew to be your one stop Logistics and Packaging specialist under one name: SCHC. SCHC is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating since 1999. SCHC is a member of the International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA), and the Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce (CFBCA).

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