Chip Board Custom Box Vendor

For an honest, experienced chip board box distributor, contact the team at SCHC. We provide quality products and advice for our clients. We are the trusted chip board box vendor for businesses belonging to a long list of industries, always providing the same great service and products.

When it comes to finding the right packaging solution for your products, it’s important to examine a few aspects closely. When you work with our chip board custom box distributor company, you get to work with qualified packaging experts that will take these things into account.

  • What style package do you need? The beauty of working with chip board is that it is easy to cut, fold and form. That means the potential for box designs are seemingly endless. You can walk through a retail establishment and see hundreds of chip board packaging on the shelves. Our custom box distributor company helps gauge your style needs.
  • How will you call attention to your product? Just as important as the packaging’s functionality, you will want to brand the box to market your products and company. With SCHC as your chip board box distributor, you can custom design the packaging with your branding, logo and message.
  • Are there any special features needed? SCHC is a chip board box vendor that can add features like windows or hanging tags. We are also able to adjust the chip board strength if you need the added rigidity or protection from moisture or extreme temperatures.

The list goes on from there. To find the perfect packaging solution, you have to really analyze a lot of factors. Our chip board distributor company helps you do that.


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