Chip Board Packaging Provider

Don’t compromise the quality of your packaging materials — work with a leading chip board packaging distributor that can help you customize your solutions to meet even your most specific needs.

We want to welcome you to the online home for SCHC. We are chip board packaging providers for a wide range of businesses spread out across the entire country. These are companies that belong to a myriad of industries, from auto part suppliers to healthcare products.

As a chip board packaging company, we strive to offer our clients with affordable, high-quality packaging solutions that have a retail application. When it comes to these characteristics, chip board is generally your best bet.


Why chip board is ideal

Also known as paperboard, chip board is:

  • Lightweight
  • Low density
  • Cost-efficient
  • Customizable
  • Printable

This makes it perfect for retail applications rather than industrial applications. As your chip board packaging distributor, we can help you pick out a product that will work for your packaging needs and then move forward with customizing it to meet your needs.

Because of its lightweight nature, chip board can actually be easily cut, folded and formed to create the design you are looking for in your packaging. This means that it can be molded to the needs of any product you are looking to package or ship.


Get efficient product management and quick turnaround times

With SCHC as your chip board packaging provider, you can work with experienced professionals that are attentive to the needs of your products and will help provide you with a solution that works. We help you customize everything from the box structure design all the way to the graphical elements that will market and promote your company.

Our packaging provider company has a commitment to excellence, which means streamlined service. We don’t want to be the snag in your operation that holds you back from getting your products in to retail stores quickly or effectively.

Contact the leading chip board packaging distributor by calling the team at SCHC. We’d be happy to assist you with your packaging needs.