Engineered Stone Slab Rack Manufacturer

As an engineered stone slab rack manufacturer, the team at SCHC knows of the challenges that come with storing and transporting heavy duty material. While engineered stone is certainly not the same as natural stone, it has many of the same qualities, which is why our Mighty Slab Rack™ is effective in storing it. 

About the Mighty Slab Rack

Here at SCHC, we work with many clients to help them store and handle their stone slabs. We use our Mighty Slab Rack™ when storing stone slabs because it helps to optimize the space in our warehouses, while adequately protecting each slab.

As an engineered stone slab rack distributor, we can equip your operation with these same racks. You can bring the Mighty Slab Rack™ to your operation and store stone slabs vertically and safely. The rack comes with four upright poles that allow it to store up to 78 3cm slabs at a time and one hundred twenty-eight 2cm stones slabs* vertically.  

An engineered stone slab rack manufacturer you can trust

As an engineered stone handling equipment manufacturer we are confident in our product because our own team uses it every day. With the Mighty Slab Rack™, you can more effectively store and transport your stone slabs. This can otherwise be a tedious process that proves to be a drain on your time, man hours, warehouse space and other resources.

We want to be an engineered stone handling equipment distributor that helps you preserve resources and makes your operation more profitable — and we’re confident that the Mighty Slab Rack™ can provide a quality solution to your storage needs.

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See what else SCHC has to offer as your engineered stone slab rack manufacturer by consulting with our team. You can get a quote on our Mighty Slab Rack™ and other available equipment. Call us at 713.559.0570, or E-mail Us at . We will be thrilled to help you with your Material Handling Equipment needs!

*The capacity of the Mighty Slab Racks™ may vary upon applications and certain conditions.