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Welcome to SCHC, a limestone slab rack manufacturer that has proudly developed a product to make your operation more efficient.

Handling stone slabs within your application can be a drain on your resources. Due to the sheer size, weight, fragility and potential danger of these materials, it’s important to practice extreme caution. SCHC’s Mighty Slab Rack™ and our limestone handling equipment manufacturing services ensure the safest and most efficient slab handling possible.


SCHC is a longtime provider of packaging, logistics, material handling equipment and integrated solutions for a very wide range of businesses spread out amongst a variety of industries. Our expertise when it comes to warehousing and material handling has led us to become a leading limestone handling equipment distributor with our latest product the Mighty Slab Rack™.

We streamline the process of handling these materials by giving our clients the opportunity to:

  • Store stone slabs more efficiently. The Mighty Slab Rack™ and our Might A-Frames™ secure slabs in the vertical position to minimize space and bring efficiency to your storage area.
  • Store, access and transport slabs more easily. With the right tools and equipment, the Mighty Slab Rack™ cuts down on the hassles of gaining access to, and moving, stone slabs.
  • Protect worker safety. We’re a limestone slab rack manufacturer that focuses on worker safety. Stone slabs can be a major hazard due to their size and weight. They are more than capable of crushing or pinning a worker. The Mighty Slab Rack™ secures slabs appropriately.

There might be another limestone handling equipment manufacturer out there that promises a superior product, but at SCHC, we use our Mighty Slab Rack™ in our own operation and it has helped us grow to become a leader in this industry.


See what SCHC can offer you as a Limestone slab rack manufacturer by consulting with our team. E-mail us at [email protected], or call 713.559.0570. It will be our pleasure to help you with the Material Handling Equipment for your limestone processing operation.


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We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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