Marble Slab Rack Manufacturer

The logistics that come with handling and storing marble and other stone slabs can be complicated, and SCHC is a marble slab rack manufacturer that wants to simplify that process.

In fact, SCHC has a strong history of excellence in the field of logistics, packaging and integrated services. We are the name that companies in a wide variety of industries rely on for these important solutions.

As your marble handling equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with a Mighty Slab Rack™, which is a high gauge steel rack that measures 10 feet long and can facilitate over 120 2cm stone slabs* at a time. The Mighty Slab Rack™ is ideal for storing slabs vertically or displaying them.

A marble slab rack distributor that meets the challenges of stone slabs

As a marble handling equipment distributor that works with these materials ourselves, we know the challenges that you face within your application. When you deal with stone slabs, you should worry about:

  • The stone becoming damage, cracked or broken. These are expensive materials and damage will chip away at your operation’s financial bottom line.
  • The safety of workers. We’re a marble slab rack manufacturer that considers safety first. That’s why the Mighty Slab Rack™ is designed to store stone slabs securely and safely, making it relatively simple for workers to access and transport them.
  • The logistical headaches. Importing, exporting and otherwise handling natural stone slabs can be difficult. SCHC is a marble handling equipment manufacturer, and a provider of Third-Party Logistics services for stone importers, that believes in the quality of our product so much that we use it in our day-to-day operations, too. We are confident that the Mighty Slab Rack™ will make it a lot easier to handle and store stone slabs for your application.

Get all the details on our Mighty Slab Rack™ and see why SCHC is such an effective marble slab rack manufacturer by consulting with our team. E-mail Us at, or call or call 713.559.0570.


*The capacity of the Mighty Slab Racks™ may vary upon applications and certain conditions.