Master Shrimp Cases Provider

Welcome to SCHC, a trusted Houston master shrimp cases provider. Shipping shrimp and other seafood — and even poultry — certainly presents its share of logistical difficulties. Luckily for our clients, we have spent over the last 25 years perfecting packaging solutions for situations such as these.

As a master shrimp cases provider in Houston Texas, we work extensively with operations that ship these products throughout the state and even the world.

Addressing shipping problems with our Master shrimp cases

With our master shrimp cases, we provide an effective, cost-efficient way in which to ship shrimp and other seafood from one place to another. As your Houston shrimp box provider, we ensure a solution that remedies the common issues associated with this type of shipping.

  • Moisture can often weaken boxes and potentially damage the contents. As your master shrimp cases provider in Houston, Texas, we offer regular shrimp cases that can be treated with wax coatings that fend off moisture.
  • Locking in freshness is another top priority, and something we accomplish as an RSC master shrimp cases provider in Houston Texas.
  • The sturdiness and durability of our master shrimp cases promises that leaks do not develop in the boxes to compromise it, or surrounding packages.

SCHC is a trusted master shrimp cases provider in Houston Texas because we have been in business since 1988, working with an extensive range of businesses — from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

From our state-of-the-art facility to the industry knowledge and experience we have on staff, we invite you to consult with our team and harness the benefits of our many resources. We offer both master shrimp cases and also custom corrugated cardboard packaging solutions for products with unique needs.

If you ship shrimp and other seafood, consult with SCHC and see why we are the leading master shrimp cases provider.