Natural Stone Slab Easel Stands and Storage Racks

The Mighty Slab Rack™ by SCHC is one of the highest quality natural stone slab easel stands and storage racks currently on the market.

For businesses that store and handle slabs of all kinds (i.e. granite, quartz, other natural stone, etc.), the Mighty Slab Rack™ takes many of the headaches out of the logistics of working with such materials. Our natural stone slab display racks simplify the process of:

  • Storing slabs: Our easel stands for natural stone slabs are a great way to optimize the storage space in a warehouse or other facility. By storing slabs vertically, you are able to preserve space while protecting the slabs from various types of damage. With our display racks for natural stone slabs, you can store up to* 78 3cm slabs and even more 2cm slabs.
  • Display slabs: Natural stone slabs are very popular in the interior decorating space — they’re often used for countertops, flooring, tiling, fireplaces/hearths and more. With our natural stone slab easel stands, you are able to display the rich beauty of your natural stone slab selection. It’s not always easy to put these heavy, fragile materials on display, but the Mighty Slab Rack™ makes it easy.

We invite you to consult with our team about our natural stone slab display racks. Mighty Slab Racks™ can be 3, 5, or 10 feet long, and 5 feet tall. The standard 10’ Mighty Slab Rack™ comes with four poles. Additional poles can be purchased to facilitate a greater number of slabs.

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The team at SCHC can also talk to you about your need for custom orders. We do make custom orders available and will work closely with each client to help outfit them with a solution that fits the unique needs of their application.

See why many are calling our Mighty Slab Rack™ one of the best natural stone slab easel stands and storage racks currently available. Talk to our team at SCHC to learn more. E-mail us at, or call 713.559.0570. It will be our pleasure to help you with the Material Handling Equipment for handling your stone slabs.


*The capacity of the Mighty Slab Racks™ may vary upon applications and certain conditions.