Industrial Labeling

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We at SCHC, as a Gold Star Certificate recipient from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), are serious about delivering industrial labeling services at the highest level of quality. We will custom label your industrial bags, sheeting or tapes.

We operate a variety of cutting-edge printers to label your product. We offer 6-color stack press capabilities up to a 72” repeat, and 6-color CI press options for any process print needs. We have diligently refined our exacting standards and efficiency for product delivery since 1988 to make us your definitive choice in industrial products labeling.

Some examples of industries served through our extensive print department:

  1. Horticultural packaging
  2. Resin and chemical packaging
  3. Batch inclusion sheeting and bags
  4. Vertical form fill and seal applications

Quality and Consistency in Industrial Products Labeling

Top-quality consistency of our products starts with hiring the best people. SCHC has designed rigorous and detailed training programs to put our modern equipment to efficient use. Our employees are like family and it’s our job to give them the tools they need to excel and meet our high standards of production.

You will receive friendly and dedicated service. Clear, precise communication is essential to deliver your product exactly as you envisioned. 

Here are some of the reasons for our exceptional product quality:

  •  Employees are continuously trained on equipment to further their performance and technical knowledge.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
  • Quality control begins at the raw materials level outside of our facility.
  • Multiple checks are established throughout the production process.
  • Lab-testing on all finished goods.

Extensive Industrial Labeling Services

Here are some of the comprehensive services we provide for industrial packaging labeling: 

  • Blown film for construction films, moisture and vapor barriers, transportation liners, industrial liners and much more.
  • Comprehensive print labeling options.
  • Converting. This includes Bottom-Weld Bag Manufacturing, Hot Needle Perforation, Tape Slitting and High Speed Perforation.
  • In-house dye design and toolmaking using PVC and many other materials.

We Are Honored to Be Your Industrial Labeling Company

Call us today at 800.373.9250 or if you are outside the USA please call 713.559.0570.