Quartz Slab Rack Manufacturer

As a quartz slab rack manufacturer that uses its own product on the job week in and week out, our staff at SCHC is confident that you will quickly see the clear benefits that come with utilizing our Mighty Slab Rack™.

This is an innovative way of storing and displaying 2cm and 3cm stone slabs. SCHC is a quartz handling equipment manufacturer that put in great time in developing this game-changing product for businesses that handle stone slabs as part of their operation.

By working with SCHC as your quartz slab rack distributor, you are getting a product that:

  • Promotes safety: Storing, moving and otherwise handling stone slabs can be a dangerous proposition for workers. One of these heavy slabs could easily fall and crush or pin an employee. As a quartz handling equipment distributor, SCHC wanted to create a product that protected workers on the job — as should always be the top priority.
  • Protects the integrity of your materials: Another reason stone slabs are somewhat of a logistical challenge is because they can easily break or become damaged. SCHC has stored and handled quartz slab rack for years, and because of that we took it in mind to develop the Mighty Slab Rack™, which safely secures and holds in place your stone slabs.
  • Helps with efficiency: As a quartz handling equipment manufacturer that uses this product, we can tell you firsthand that the Mighty Slab Rack™ helps to store slabs more efficiently, increasing space and encouraging enhanced organization within a warehouse or other storage area.

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Learn more about this high gauge steel rack that makes handling and storing stone slabs easier. Contact the team at SCHC, which is growing to become a leading Quartz slab rack manufacturer throughout the nation. Learn more about the Mighty Slab Rack™, call 713.559.0570, or e-mail us at info@schci.com. It will be our pleasure to help you with your Material Handling Equipment needs.