Travertine Slab Rack Manufacturer

As a Travertine slab rack manufacturer, SCHC knows that this is a highly sought after material because it mimics the look of real marble but is more economical for the end client. Travertine is also heavy, and like all natural stone slabs, can be tough to handle.

SCHC is a Travertine handling equipment manufacturer that has developed a product called the Mighty Slab Rack™. This is a robust, high gauge steel rack that is designed to store stone slabs vertically. One rack can hold nearly 80 3cm slabs and over 120 2cm slabs*, making it a great investment for operations that handle a high volume of natural stone.

SCHC – A Travertine Slab Rack Distributor

SCHC is in the business of packaging, logistics, warehousing and other integrated solutions. Our team is constantly looking to innovate while providing quality services for our clients. That’s why we’re a credible Travertine handling equipment distributor — we already work with clients to help them with their natural stone slab handling needs.

We use our Mighty Slab Rack™ to make it easier to move and store stone slabs. As a Travertine slab rack manufacturer, we can personally attest to the fact that the Mighty Slab Rack™ addresses many of the core logistical challenges that come with Travertine slabs, including:

  • Avoiding damage to the stone
  • Keeping personnel safe
  • Minimizing resources to transport and store slabs
  • Optimizing storage space

You’re not going to find a Travertine handling equipment manufacturer that has the firsthand industry knowledge and experience that we do. That’s why we believe the Mighty Slab Rack™, as well as the Mighty A-Frame™, are the best product of their kind currently on the market.

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Consult with a member of our staff and learn more about our capabilities as a Material Handling Equipment manufacturer for Travertine. We will provide you with additional details about the Mighty Slab Rack™, such as custom sizes and spare poles. Call 713.559.0570, or e-mail us at


*The capacity of the Mighty Slab Racks™ may vary upon applications and certain conditions.