Anheuser Busch Pick 6 Beer Basket

It’s not always easy for your customers to pick out just one six-pack of beer, but with the Pick 6 Beer Basket by Anheuser Busch and SCHC, the choice just got a little easier.

If you own or operate a retail establishment that offers a wide range of beer, you are most likely attracting men and women that like to try various beers in an effort to discover new beverages that they enjoy. We allow our clients to offer such an experience as the only Anheuser Busch Pick 6 Beer Basket manufacturer.


Make SCHC your Anheuser Busch Pick 6 Beer Basket Distributors

SCHC and Anheuser Busch have teamed up to form a special partnership to offer retailers around the state of Texas a chance to provide a fun product for their beer-drinking customers. Also known as the Brewmaster’s Choice Beer Basket, this product provides a number of benefits for customers.

  • A variety of beers for less: If these customers bought each and every beer separately, it would be a sizable investment in comparison with the flat, low price of a Pick 6 Beer Basket, which boasts a variety of beers pieced together by the professionals that know them best.
  • Finding a new favorite beer: As the Anheuser Busch Pick 6 Beer Basket manufacturer, we loved the concept of this product because we know that, with such a wide range of beer to choose from, that men and women are always searching for their new favorite. This makes it easy to do.
  • Great for parties: With SCHC as your Anheuser Busch Pick 6 Beer Basket distributors, you are able to stock your shelves with the perfect six-pack for parties. It’s got something for just about every taste.

SCHC is proud of this partnership and of serving as the official Anheuser Busch Pick 6 Beer Basket manufacture company. Call our team or request a quote for getting the Pick 6 Beer Basket on your shelves.