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Work with a chip board packaging company that can best serve your packaging needs. For a long list of businesses around the country, that company is SCHC.

We are a chip board packaging service company that pairs our clients — who belong to a wide range of industries — with the chip board packaging solutions that best fit their needs. Our expertise doesn’t end with chip board either. In fact, we offer an extensive range of packaging and logistics services. We invite you to explore those and let the team at SCHC know how we can best serve you.

An industry-leading packaging manufacturer company

When it comes to packaging solutions, we offer packaging stock items and custom packaging solutions. This includes:
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Waxed boxes
  • Packaging design
  • Custom folding cartons
  • Beverage carriers
  • Points of sale displays
  • And more
As an experienced chip board packaging company, we know that chip board is a very popular solution for many different companies. Chip board is rigid, yet light weight. It can easily be cut, folded and formed into packaging solutions that meet essentially any need.

On top of that, our chip board packaging company is able to print directly on the chip board, to turn your packaging into mobile billboards for your company, shrouded in your company’s message, logo and other branding elements.

Get affordable, expert service from our chip board packaging service company

SCHC provides excellent customer service. This is part of the reason why we have been able to forge such strong, long-term relationships with so many of our current clients.

The men and women behind our chip board packaging manufacture company will assist you in finding the packaging solutions you need and with customizing each component to further tailor them to your needs.

You can get started now by contacting our team for a free quote. Let our chip board packaging company offer secure, reliable and affordable packaging solutions for your business.


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I have been a customer of SCHC for many years. Whether I am purchasing a few truckloads of corrugated boxes or just a couple cases of liners, the customer service is always top notch. The quality of their products are hands down the best in the business, no other company can compare to them. Thank you SCHC for always being amazing!
Jessica Blythe
Jessica Blythe
Today is my one year anniversary working here at SCHC and I am happy to say that this has been one of the greatest experience so far in my career. Both the people and the environment here are great, and although we do face challenges each day we are great in working as a team and providing the best experience to our customers. I look forward to working here for many more years.
Gustavo Reynoso
Gustavo Reynoso
Super fast load
VD Miami
VD Miami
The only problem I have is I showed up early for a pick up and you can't park on the property so I sat there and blocked the gate didn't feel comfortable doing it,big place guy on forklift came and opened the gate but told me that I could not park on the property,so I had to block worker's trying to get to work because there entry gate is only a 1 Lane rd
Bubba Stephens
Bubba Stephens
I can't share very much on this company due to the fact that I only drop off and pick up someone whose employed there. The person who works there as a forklift driver seems to like the company. So I guess I will say 👍 👆.
Sandra Guyton
Sandra Guyton
Schc is a great place to deliver. The staff is always friendly and on point, (which probably is because of good management ),they unload you quick,and there facility has plenty of room to back in and out.
Roberto Molina
Roberto Molina


We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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