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Here at SCHC, we serve many roles for the clients we work with — one of the latest roles we can fill is that of a granite slab rack manufacturer. The team at SCHC has designed a proprietary storage rack that helps clients of a wide range of industries store and transport stone slabs.

As a trusted granite handling equipment manufacturer, we are proud to offer the Mighty Slab Rack™, which consists of heavy gauge steel and is 10 feet long and includes four poles that all stand at five feet tall.

The Mighty Slab Rack™ allows you to vertically store or display slabs of all kinds, holding up to* 128 2cm stone slabs at once.


With vast experience in material handling, we strove to serve as a granite handling equipment distributor that offered a product that was:

  • Strong: You can’t afford anything less when you’re dealing with stone slabs. Not only are these materials susceptible to various types of damage, but they are an incredible hazard to workers. Slabs are liable to fall and crush an employee, which is why a strong, robust rack is so important.
  • Effective: As a granite slab rack manufacturer, we have created a product that effectively stores slabs and makes them accessible for transport with little problem. The Mighty Slab Rack™ also protects slabs, and therefore, your profits.
  • Proven: SCHC specializes in packaging, logistics and integrated solutions. This means we work with clients to handle a variety of materials — including stone slabs. We utilize the Mighty Slab Rack™ in our own operation, making us a granite handling equipment manufacturer that proves the effectiveness of our product every week.

Simplify the logistics of storing and handling stone slabs by relying on SCHC as your granite slab rack manufacturer and taking advantage of the innovation known as the Mighty Slab Rack™. Learn more about the MSR, click here.

*The capacity of the Mighty Slab Racks™ may vary upon applications and certain conditions.


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We will not respond to solicitation or employment inquiries through this form.

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