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Houston Logistics & Packaging Company a Boon For Stone Slab Importers

ROSENBERG, Texas — With a commitment to providing a complete suite of warehousing, storage and material handling solutions, Rosenberg-based SCHC has emerged as one of the leading resources for stone slab importers.

The company has finalized a complete overhaul of its material handling infrastructure, which now specializes in storing and handling quartz, marble and granite slabs in addition to high-value oil field parts and equipment. The move effectively eliminates a significant capital investment required by stone slab importers, who were once forced to adapt a warehouse to these needs, including the purchase of specialized equipment and extensive technical and safety training for staff.

With SCHC and its 23 acres of indoor and outdoor warehouse space, importers are able to leverage the knowledge, experience and skill of our stone slab handlers, in addition to gaining access to important handling equipment such as Mighty A FramesTM, the Stout Slab Rack 4000TM and the Tilt Table 4000TM.

SCHC is both a member of the International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA) and of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating since joining in 1999.

The SCHC warehouse facilities are positioned near the Port of Houston and major highways making them a distribution hub for Mexico, Central America and South America in addition to the Gulf Coast and the rest of the United States. Warehouse space is still available upon request.


SCHC formed in 2016 when Houston Carton (since 1988) and sister company Schulze Container (since 2005) came together under one name and rebranded. The two companies seamlessly meshed experience and extensive knowledge in packaging, warehousing and logistics. SCHC is the number one provider of wax packaging in Houston and offers packaging, logistics and integrated solutions designed to revitalize the supply chain for clients all over the world. For more information, visit

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