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Houston Carton & Schulze Container Rebrand: SCHC Logistics & Packaging

HOUSTON, Texas – January 2016


Houston Carton was founded in 1987 by Heller Cozac after spending the prior 10 years working at a small, corrugated box manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas. With his niche-specific experience and expertise in Corrugated Packaging, Heller decided to launch his own business and Houston Carton was born.

Outside of his 10 years of expertise, Heller didn’t have much more to offer other than a spare room in his home, a computer and his phone. This did not slow down his success. Heller turned his spare room into a home office and began forming relationships with businesses across the United States. Those relationships paid off, because in one year, Heller’s business had outgrown his home and he rented a small office in Houston, TX and within a few short years, expanded into larger space in Sugar Land, TX.


Over time, Houston Carton accepted new additions to its service line in the form of folding cartons, point of sale displays and other promotional items. The only hurdle the company was facing now was storage.

In order for customers to secure better rates, they were ordering larger and larger quantities of boxes. To keep up with these demands, Houston Carton needed to find storage space. Fortunately, Heller seized on a great opportunity and launched Houston Carton’s sister company, Schulze Container.


Built on 23 acres in Rosenberg Texas, Schulze Container had a lot of extra space so Houston Carton quickly moved its offices to be close to its sister company. Not one to miss an opportunity, Heller received an urgent phone call regarding Styrofoam containers at the port of Houston that needed a home to be offloaded. Heller and Schulze Container jumped at the opportunity and entered the logistics market after accepting Styrofoam. Soon, Houston Carton and Schulze Container began working hand in hand providing Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution and Inventory Management solutions.

Today, Schulze Container continues to expand its capabilities and now offers turnkey storage and installation of furniture in model homes, assisted living communities and private homes.


With shared customers and experiences, Houston Carton and Schulze Container are excited to announce their merger to be SCHC, a one-stop logistics and packaging specialist. SCHC is proud to be a member of the BBB with an A+ rating since 1999. The company is also a member of the International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA), the Brewer’s Association and the Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce (CFBCA).

For more information about their packaging services, logistics services or product line, contact SCHC at 1-800-373-9250. FREE quotes are available.

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