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Custom Beverage Carriers

A Custom Beverage Carrier is any Folding Carton built to accommodate the specific needs of your beverage products. SCHC provides highly customizable packaging for small and large brewers including printing, premium coatings, stamping and several carrier and handle configurations. All our Custom Beverage Carriers are made with proprietary wet strength paper and glue joints that stand to refrigeration.

Custom Beverage Baskets can be created in any size, design, or capacity, like the 6-pack beer carriers; 2, 4 or 6 -pack wine carriers; 750 mL bottles carriers; Bomber, Growler, odd shape and size beverage carriers.

Choose Your Own Pack

Make it fun for craft beer drinkers to assemble their own combinations of Beer. DIY today! SCHC can supply you with a wide range of corrugated, chip and paperboard beverage carrier in any quantity. We deliver within a few days. Order as needed!

Encourage beer sharing and cut packaging costs: Bomber & Growler Beer Baskets

Great for Craft-Beer Breweries, Gas Stations, Liquor Stores, & Delicatessens

Most of the costs to a brewer are wrapped up in Packaging. The cardboard holders for 4, 6, and 12 packs can become costly for small breweries, especially for “one off brews”. That is why the Bomber (22oz) and the Growler (32 or 64oz) beer bottles Beer Carriers are great options to the regular 12oz bottles. Bomber and Growler beers are also excellent for sharing and creating a friendly inviting atmosphere.

Talk to us today about your packaging project!