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SCHC is a leading provider of custom waxed cardboard boxes in North America. We invite clients from many different industries to explore our extensive line of wax boxes and other packaging solutions.

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One Of The Leading Corrugated Box Suppliers

The team at SCHC works closely with our clients to customize corrugated boxes that meet the unique needs of their application. Instead of forcing these clients to utilize generic boxes that may not meet the demands of their products, we create solutions that take into account factors such as:
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Weight requirements
  • Shipping distance
  • And more
SCHC also provides waxed corrugated boxes that are ideal for companies that produce and ship products such as seafood, poultry, and meat. In fact, our boxes are approved by the FDA and deemed suitable for shipping such products.

Highly Effective Custom Waxed Cardboard Boxes

The team at SCHC implements a proprietary process to apply the wax coating to our corrugated boxes. This unique process allows our boxes to be sturdier than standard corrugated boxes and the wax coating is ultra effective in fending off moisture and preserving the contents of the packaging.

All of our packaging options can be fully customized to represent the brand of the clients that we work with. As trusted corrugated box suppliers, we work closely with each client to make sure that our solutions not only deliver on their functional purpose but also do the job in terms of creating brand awareness.

Wax treatments with SCHC

SCHC has exclusive Wax treatments to offer you cost-effective, water-resistant packaging. Before becoming acquainted with them, it’s useful to know the three most common methods of wax application:

Wax Impregnation: It imparts a dry wax coating to the containerboard during corrugated operations.
Curtain Coating: It’s applied to flat blanks by passing the sheet horizontally through a thin continuous curtain of polymer-modified wax, which forms a film over the entire surface of the walls of the board.
Cascading: It’s applied to a box or blank passing vertically through multiple cascades of paraffin-based wax with the objective of saturating the combined board. This is the most water resistant.

SCHC uses these three techniques, sometimes overlapped, plus various paperweights and unusual box shapes, to ensure you have as much protection, leakage resistance, long-distance resistance, stacking strength, and large load capacity as each one of your products requires.

These are the SCHC-exclusive Wax treatments:

  • Duo Wax Treatment™: Wax curtain coated on the inside and on the outside.
  • Rambo Lock Wax Barrier™- 3 levels Wax certification: Heavy wax curtain coating on both sides and full wax-impregnated medium/flute.
  • Superior five levels of Wax certification: Heavy wax curtain coating on both sides, full wax impregnated medium/flute, wax impregnated inside liner, wax impregnated outside liner.
  • Wax Cascaded/saturated: Wax dipped to saturate all of the components with heavy wax.


The solutions offered here at SCHC are not only of the highest quality, but are also cost-efficient. We invite potential clients to see for themselves by consulting with our customer service team and getting a free, no-obligation quote.

Our team would be happy to provide you with further information on our custom waxed cardboard boxes and other options. Call us at 713.559.0570, or e-mail us at [email protected].


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