Can I have a sample made to size first?
Yes, sometimes there will be a small charge for special designs, which is usually credited against your order. We want to make sure that you approve of the sample before we run the order.

How long would it take to do a custom run of boxes?
As little as 5 working days up to 6 weeks depending on the complexity.

What is Litho Laminate? Is it a plastic?
Litho laminating entails a poster stock paper that is glued to the cardboard of the box. This paper can have up to a full color photographic quality print on it without the look of the corrugation of the cardboard. After the poster paper is glued onto the box, we then assemble the rest of the container as per the specifications.

I’ve never bought boxes before, will Houston Carton be interested?
Of course!! Many of our new customers are first time buyers placing orders. We try to make it as easy as possible to decide what you want.

Why should I phone Houston Carton?
Whether you buy boxes once a year or every day, we want your inquiries and orders, and promise you the same reliable service. We give you fast & free quotes.

What size orders are you interested in?
We specialize in custom box runs from 1/2 truck to multiple truck loads.

How many boxes should I buy?
The more you buy at one time, the better the cost saving is.

Can Houston Carton make big boxes?
Of course we can!

Can my boxes be printed?
Yes. We want you to advertise your company and/or your product.

Can Houston Carton help me to choose the best type (design) of box?
Yes. We have experienced technical sales staff and in-house design facilities.