Premier Tuna Box™

Our Premier Tuna Body™ is ideal to ship Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi and large species of fish.

Structure Of The Box

Our Premier Tuna Box™ is made with extremely heavy-duty double wall corrugated paper. The bottom of the box is a full over lap for exceptional added strength. The top flaps have a partial over lap and the linerboards have Water Proof Adhesive. However, this box is not leak-proof and requires a heavy-duty Poly Bag and heavy- duty strapping. Check page 26 for Poly bags and other Packaging Accessories!

SCHC Exclusive Wax Treatment: Duo Wax Treatment™ to stand up to high
moisture environments.

Inside Dimensions:

41 5/8 x 17 1/8 x 13 7/8


150 per pallet, double stacked

Full Truckload:




Brand It Up

All SCHC boxes and lids can be custom-made with your company logo.

Custom print is available on volume orders.